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Meet Sir Jax:

  This guy is a real beauty. He has the friendly, outgoing, playful nature that makes the Cavalier such a great dog. He loves people, and does not know a stranger. He has champion bloodlines, genetic testing, and a great pedigree. He is a really awesome dog!

Meet Miss Juno:

 This gorgeous girl has won our hearts! She loves to be right beside me whether I'm working around the farm or spending a relaxing evening by the pond. She loves when we go fishing and will get so excited when we catch a fish!! She is an incredible mother and her puppies are always so fat and content. She is AKC registered and clear on dm, episodic falling, and dry eye curly coat.


Meet Miss Indy:

  The newest member of the Country View family. This little bundle full of energy has been a joy to our family already. She adores her toys and carries them around with great pride. She will play for hours and then fall asleep on my lap. She is AKC registered. Her father is a champion as well as many more in her ancestry. She is clear of dm, episodic falling, and dry eye curly coat.



Meet Lady Sofia:    -Retired-
  Her markings are beautiful, and while she is a little more shy than the rest, she has the sweet, easy going disposition that the Cavalier is famous for. She is playful and energetic, and very happy-go-lucky. She also is AKC registered with champion bloodlines. This little girl is a sweetheart!

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